PILÒN HARLEM, LLC is a consultation organization on an n anti-racist and anti-oppressive journey working to decolonize leadership with

CEOs, Executives, Politicians, Leaders, Financiers, Educators, & Mental Health Clinicians

Email: Info@pilonharlem.com

Foundational Content Workshops

Individual Ongoing Consultation

Facilitated Team Discussions


Leadership & Organizational Management

  • Anti-Oppressive Leadership and Management

  • Embarking on an Anti-Racist Journey as an Organization

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Informed Practices

  • Social Emotional Curricula in Schools: Where is the Equity?

  • Family Engagement in Schools and Organizations

  • Decolonize Counseling and Therapy

  • Advocacy: What does it mean, look and sound like?

  • Strategizing and Visioning Around Anti-Racism

  • Anti-Racist Peer Supervision and Mentorship

Play Therapy & Clinical Counseling

  • Intro to Play Therapy

  • Play Therapy Essentials: Hands-On Tools for Working with Children

  • Play Therapy Supervision and Ethics Play Therapy and the Brain

  • Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness Play Therapy

  • Family Play Therapy

  • Play Therapy Practicum- Group Supervision and Play Therapy Guidance

  • Sandtray Play Therapy

Decolonizing Wellness Spaces

  • Implicit Bias and How it Shows Up in Yoga, Reiki, Fitness and Beyond

  • Colorblindness, Deficit Thinking, Poverty Disciplining, Racial Anxiety and More in Wellness

  • Spiritual Bypassing and Love and Light Namaste, Cultural Appropriation, & Imperial Feminism

  • Spirituality and Harm

  • Who is Missing from your Wellness Space?

Foundational Anti-Racism

  • Implicit Bias Awareness

  • Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (& Belonging) Through Affinity Groups

  • Ancestral Trauma, Wisdom, Resilience

  • Impact Vs. Intent: How BIPOC (Can) Cause Harm to Each Other

  • Intro to Race and Racism: Frameworks and History

  • Healing for Racial Equity Warriors